Eat Your Vegetables

I joke that my job as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ is to tell people to eat their vegetables.  Meaning, I tell people to do something or things that they know is good for them and that they already know they should be doing.  Not spending as much as you take home is like eating your vegetables:  You know you should do it but sometimes it’s tough to stomach and you want to do something else.

Harry says, “Eat Your Vegetables!!!”

Really:  Eat Your Vegetables

In today’s posting, I am suggesting that you literally Eat Your Vegetables as part of your financial plan.  Why?  Because eating your vegetables is good for you, which means you will likely be more healthy, which means you are less likely to need expensive doctor and specialist visits and hospital stays when you are older, which means you won’t need to spend as much money on medical care.  Staying healthy is a great financial plan with a lot of other added benefits.  


What prompted me to write this is this report of the United Health Foundation’s 2018 America’s Health Rankings by state.  This is the 29th annual ranking.  Despite the emphasis on obesity, the problem is getting worse.  Hawaii and several New England states rank the best and Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama (SEC states all) rank the worst.  Hawaii surprises me – Having been to Hawaii a few times, I have seen some really fat Hawaiians, but I guess it averages out.  For all of the yoga and exercise some of us (collectively) do, it sounds like more of us needs to do some more.

Vegetables Are Cheap

The other good thing about vegetables is that they are cheap.  At least, they are much cheaper than fast food.  I am fortunate enough to live where there are a lot of farmers’ markets as well as a permanent farmer’s market store, and good vegetables can be had very cheaply there.  Eat healthier and save money while you are doing so – what could be a better financial plan than that?

Arguments Against

I know there will always be arguments against healthy eating.  George H.W. Bush hated broccoli and he lived until 94.  Thin people can get Alzheimer’s just as well as fat people.  All true, but these are the exceptions to the rule.  If you look to hope in the exceptions, you are lying to yourself and making excuses for your own poor habits.


I’m not advocating going Vegan.  I am just saying that you eat your vegetables.  Direct consumption of vegetables appears to be a far more effective way of supplying your body with needed vitamins and nutrients than taking vitamin supplements, studies have shown.  You know you should save some of your take home pay each month, and you know you should eat your vegetables, so go and do so!

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