See’s Candies

Visiting a See’s Candies store is a real treat!  See’s are located in only select places.  They are not as ubiquitous as Starbucks.  Their selectness is part of their appeal.  See’s is a Destination.  It smells so good inside a See’s!  With their black-and-white motif, and all of the candies neatly arrayed behind a glass case, it has an old-fashioned feel.

Free Samples!

Once inside a See’s, you want immediate satisfaction – you want to eat a See’s right now!  And See’s satisfies that desire (or perhaps it is a need?) by giving everybody a free sample.  Everyone in the store – whether you are buying a box, or just tagging along – gets a piece of candy to eat right there.  Yum!  If you are there to buy a one-pound box, maybe the sample will prompt you to buy a second box.  Maybe the piece you got as a sample is a type that you hadn’t had before, and you like it so much that you buy a box that would have that one in it.  If you haven’t had a Scotchmallow before, and you get a free sample of one, maybe you will buy a bag full of Scotchmallows.  Genius marketing idea!

The Oracle

What does See’s Candies have to do with investing or money management?  Well, a couple of takes.  See’s Candies is 100% owned by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway.  See’s was one of Buffet’s earliest investments.  So you can deduce that See’s Candies as a business is a typical Buffett investment – strong cash flow, low capital-intensity, low-tech, safe business.  Warren must have a sweet tooth.  If he didn’t come up with the idea of giving free samples to everyone in the store, then at least he knows about it and approves of it.  He knows it is good business to hand out free samples.

Blog Posts and Dark Bordeaux

Another take is that, if it is good enough for Warren, it is good enough for me!  One of my aims in selecting topics and blogging about them is to provide free samples of the way I think and approach issues.  My desire is that you will read these free sample blog posts and think, “Wow, that makes total sense!  This guy is really smart!  I should contact him – maybe he can help me in my investments!”  These blog posts are my version of handing out succulent Dark Bordeaux (my favorite) in the See’s Candies store.

Contact Me

If you do conclude you want me to help you, please contact me.  Use the Contact Me page in this blog.  Go to to find out more.  Just email me at [email protected].  I will be glad to answer your questions and hopefully engage you in some capacity to help you with investing and financial planning.

By the way:  Here is the link to the See’s Candies website.  I am not being paid to promote their business, but I do really like their products, and I’m sure you will as well: